Mutsessions - 2012/11/10 AN CAFE Dortmund, Germany

It's time for Mutsessions!
This time I went to see 
AN CAFE in Dortmund, Germany

The interesting part: I've been there both as a journalist and as a fan.
Due to the journalist part I had to be at the venue at 1 pm ( interview time, yay (such an honor))
Luckily I had another Cafekko accompany me on my journey.
She even planned a short stop in Düsseldorf

Bookstore Nippon in Düsseldorf and me eating a Brezel at 7 am while waiting for my train.

Fellow Cafekko Serina bought this chocolate bun for me thank you!

Japanese super market in Düsseldorf

And yep, I won't ever leave Düsseldorf without Onigiri.

Arriving at the venue this was the place I had to wait at before the interview started:
Inviting, right? haha

Shortly after the interview I met one of my friends:

Press Pass wuw.
And a Teruki Fan Senja got for me ♥♥♥

You know, some years ago Senja contacted me on MySpace (yeah, it's that long ago) only because I was wearing a "I love Teruki" shirt on my profile pic. We then got to talk a lot about our love for An Cafe and met each other 1~2 times a year. She even visited me at home once  
For knowing and loving her that long I am always glad to be able to see her again.
This time, at our usual occasion-to-meet (An Cafe concerts) I've been able to spend the whole night with her, we even (accidentally) booked the same train home (well, I've been driving home, she has been driving to the next An Cafe gig in Munich haha)

Another Senja/Me shot (after the concert btw)
Right shot shows Frankfurt Airport, one of our stops on our way back.

Let's have a look at 2 shots those girls will probably kill me for:

Yeah. This happened within like 5 Minutes.

Now flipping back to camera shots and the journalistic part of the trip:
Strange building in front of the venue

Those of you who know MJP (musicJAPANplus) probably know that they are doing Fashion Checks. Well, I was in charge of doing the Fashion Check of An Cafe Fans in Dortmund.
Enjoy some preview shots:

Nice picks, right?
Unfortunately the full report isn't online yet...so I can't link it yet (=____=)

Same to the live report (not online yet). But I'll be sharing one of the photos I took that are too blurry to be prohibited to post:

And last but not least:
The fans

For those of you who'd like to read the interview I did:

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