Catch Up #10 - Christmas Markets, German Breakfast & new Suitcase !


Only 2 Catch Up Posts left, yay!
(uhm well at least those that I call Catch Up...haha...)
There are still 2 Mutsession Posts waiting for you and a Trip Post...and NYE

Well, we are now arriving in December:

In the beginning of December snow started to fall I really really love Snow...
That cat sticker is hilarious, isn't it?
Right shot shows me at work~

Ah! I didn't share German Christmas Market Shots yet, right?! Here you go

Food and Crafts everywhere

...sorry for low quality shots D:

What's your favorite meal? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?
Well, mine is breakfast:


( & me loving heavy snow)

Mall decoration:

And! Last but not least!
My new suitcase been looking at it for like 3 years and now that it's way cheaper I finally bought it!!

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