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So as you probably know I'm a big fan of music and also a big fan of supporting my favorite bands as much as I can.

One of my absolute favorites is Kiyoharu. Solo, SADS & Kuroyume.
I couldn't see him live yet, but I do own a lot of CD's, DVD's and even Photobooks.
My latest support was ordering his new Album, Under The Sun

Yup, I got the limited edition with DVD

The booklet is stunning...!

In one of his songs another favorite artist of myself, Miyavi, was in charge of playing the guitar

And speaking about Miyavi...he released a new Album as well: Samurai Sessions Vol. 1

Another beautiful booklet, yep (and also the limited Edition)

Both of them (they came in one package)

The most expensive one was the new MUCC album...I've been longing for the edition with photobook...and so I ordered it...

Enjoy some shots:

Tatsurou & Satochi

Tatsurou again

Drunk MUCC and Satochi Fanservice

Leg-y Tatsurou
Has someone ever seen him without Smartphone/Nintendo DS/PSP or a Tablet? I don't think so.

Mask-y Tatsurou

And super handsome Satochi again ♥♥♥

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