Good morning

I still have to catch up on some things that happened back in 2012 (oh, now that sounds weird)
Sooo today I'd like to share my Halloween with you

Snacks I got from Ande thank you!

Nail Stickers I also got from Ande ♥♥♥

At work we were allowed to dress up for Halloween, so I put in some red lenses & matching Make Up + Kreepsville Horns sadly I took these photos around 1 am after work at the main station haha~

On 31st Oct I spent my night with friends at Nora's home
Anna and me decided to dress up as a kind of "Demon School Girl"
This is what I looked like:
With & without edit~

At Nora's:
Anna and me


Maxi & Sashi

Anna and me again

Maxi, Anna, Sashi & me

Maxi, Anna, Sashi, Nora & me

Yup, I love Volvic (and I love how you can see Anna and me in the mirror)

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