Catch Up #9 - Outfits, being sick, Food & Drinks

Good evening!

It's 10 pm now so I won't upload this post today...but am gonna prepare it for tomorrow!
Yeah, it's another Catch Up Post...haha~ (got 12 of them; this is number 9)

Let's start with some food:

Had some cold shakes and cake at Coffee Fellows (that cake wasn't that tasty btw...)

Anna drew an ass on Sashi's coffee, bon apetit.

Here you can see what I am looking like when it's cold and raining - yeah, probably going to dig graves right after.

Right shot happened at university...liked it and thought I could share it.

Food again I can't remember where I had this...but it was super tasty!!

New mobile case & a Bounty drink!!

Sashi & me

The cinema I've been working for

Oh! Now I'll have to explain something!
Maybe some of you remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about being sick.
Well, this thing made me feel like shit for several months (well, almost 2 years to be honest):
Thought it looks cute so I share it haha.

Tried to kill it with those weapons:
Yup. Huge.

University shots. That guy is one of my teachers.

See the difference? The black one (Mio) is so not photogenic...he doesn't even have a face on that shot!!!

PS: Happy New Year everyone

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