Mutsessions: 03/30 MUCC @NHK HALL, Tokyo

It's finally time for some Mutsessions again
For new readers: 
"Mutsessions" is a wordplay made of "Mutsuminism" (the name of my blog) and "Obsessions", which are concerts.

So, of course I couldnt resist going to see some bands during my time in Tokyo!
Unfortunately I couldn't see more than 2 concerts this time though....(;____;)
The ones I've been to were amazing and so this post is about MUCC

As we've been out the night before it took us a while to leave the apartment, haha.
Though we were in Shibuya around 2 pm!
MUCC's live took place at the famous NHK Hall (in Shibuya), doors opened 4:30 pm and we knew we have to be early to get the best goods.
So, after strolling through Shibuya and laughing about the pink guys below...

..we arrived in front of the venue around 2:40 pm!
(thank you iPhone for telling me the exact time of when I took my photos haha)
Above & below you can see a Tatsurou (MUCC Vocal) Cosplay

Aaaand a photo of me with Inuchi ♥♥♥
(Inuchi is a dog designed by SATO(chi) (Drummer of MUCC)) I was looking forward to buy this doll a lot!!! Next time I'm gonna buy some clothes for him
(I hate Japanese bands for their fucking cute goods)

MUCC Fans wear the best accessories.
& our seats actually weren't that bad!

The concert itself was stunning
MUCC were playing their new Album, Shangrila. And like, each track of it.
They started with Mr. Liar, which is one of my favorite songs.
When I tell friends about this live, I always say it was a "Heavy Metal Dubstep Party".
You know, MUCC used to play dark/very rockish songs. Recently they got into softer/more electronic songs though (and of course dubstep has to be there). Shangrila (the new album) is a good mix of both, which is why I quite like it a lot (got the super limited special edition with photobook etc).
During the "Heavy Metal Dubstep Party" all of the fans were lead through banging their heads off, jumping around, dancing to Jazz tunes and just quietly watching MUCC's performance for slower songs.
If you have the chance to see them live someday: GO!!
It was my 6th time and I'll go again for sure

This is what I bought at the venue:

A set of the Winter Circuit 2010 @NHK HALL & a pencil case, covered in drawings by Tatsurou.

The things at the inside, pencils & eraser, were designed by Miya

Another thing designed by Miya:

The new MUCC Hoodie
Front: MUCC "Shangrila" Tour 2013
Side: Who the fuck knows ; rudies
Back: MUCKERS (MUCC's fans) sixinc x rudies

...and my favorite:

(which was sold for the first time at the day of the concert - and sold out the day after)

Tatsurou recently started his own fashion brand - Devilician
This shirt and a jacket are the first pieces of it.
Above you can see him wearing the shirt
Below you can see me wearing the shirt, hoho

...and Inuchi his pink belly button already fell off, have to sew it asap!

Like usually we received a bunch of flyers at the end of the concert. There were also some other bandmen promoting their upcoming concerts. The best known this time was one girl of Danger Gang.

The MUCC part of the flyer book the one on top was obviously made by Tatsuro (I love his drawings).

Another Tatsuro drawing was printed on socks this time:

It's SATO!!! ♥♥♥

Well, enough goods. Let's take a look at the

PURIKURA of the Day!!


Question of the Day:

Do you listen to Japanese music? If so, which band is your favorite?

My current favorites are:
Dir en Grey, MUCC, Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, SADS & Deathgaze
(I do listen to a lot more though...haha)

Upcoming Posts:
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♥ Dark Dimension Party at Decadance Bar
♥ Harajuku Fashion Walk

PS: actually we went back to our apartment after the concert - just to dress up for the Dark Dimension Party at the Decadance Bar! Yes, there's no time for sleeping.

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