03/29 #3 - Tokyo City's new Station, colorful Akiba & spending a night in Shinjuku

Good evening everyone

...couldn't help myself, I'm sorry.
Actually ate this at a chain restaurant, forgot the name though. Some of my readers familar with it..?
They offer really yummy stuff for super cheap prices
And I can't even remember where we had this...I guess probably in Ryogoku? After the Museum?
Well, anyway, our next goal was:

Akihabara :3

It was a really short stay, but here a typical shot for you guys:
Illuminated advertising EVERYWHERE
(I'll show more of Akiba in another post)

When we were heading to Tokyo City we kinda got lost underground...
This photo is pretty funny though. Sashi and her Bodyguards.

The new Tokyo Station so pretty!

Huge building D:

After walking and riding trains the whole day long we decided to have some drinks together
And what place would be better than Shinjuku?
Though Koichi and Yuuta (our guides for that day) insisted on going on a platform first.

I'm afraid of heights, but this was really stunning...!!

On our way home (last train) I was surrounded by very attractive guys. And all of them had a completely different styling. Tried to take a "window-shot", but it didn't work. The guy on my right had a really cool "Men's Spider" styling, kinda Rock Gyaru-o. Guy on my left looked like a korean popstar. Guy in front of me #1: typical Ikemen styling; Guy in front of me #2: attractive business guy.
They would be a really interesting Johnny's band haha.

Purikura of the Day:

Question of the Day:

Are you afraid of heights?

Well, I AM D: can't even climb a ladder!

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