03/29 #2 - Tokyo Sky Tree & Edo-Tokyo Museum

Thank you very much for all your comments on my latest posts I really appreciate all of them and they motivate me a lot!!
May is actually my blog anniversary...can you believe I started this blog 6 years ago? Yay for still using it haha So, as I already mentioned in March: there'll be a small Giveaway soon so please look forward to that~

Back to the topic of this post: 03/29! Tokyo!
I already told you we've been to Ueno and Asakusa today, right?
So, our next stop was:
Tokyo Sky Tree ♥ 
Found a pretty piece of art to sit down on our way!

Hoho kinda nice to see a couple sitting there, everything covered in cherry blossoms...~

Anna & me, slightly over lighted haha

More cherry blossoms

Close Up  
(yep, used mine as a hair accessory)

Sky Tree Close Up! That thing is huge!
(we didn't go up though; too expensive)

Next stop: Edo-Tokyo Museum!

Found a small shrine on our way to the museum:

And more cherry blossoms, of course.

Only going to show a few of my photos of the musem, don't want to show too much - you guys should check it out yourself :3


Cherry blossom still stuck in my hair

Pictures speak for themselves I guess

Oh and not to forget:
CREEPY ESCALATOR (entry of the museum)

Cute Kitty on the blackboard & me say bye for today

Question of the Day:

Do you enjoy Museums?

I enjoy them though it's hard to enjoy one if you're in a hurry or with people who didn't enjoy it as much as you did (haha)

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