03/29 #1 - Cherry Blossoms (Ueno) & some traditional shots (Asakusa) ♥

Let's start Day #6!
On 03/29 we were walking A LOT and I felt like I lost several kg haha (I actually did lose some weight in Tokyo..).
I'll show you a map at the end of this post, so you can imagine how far we've been traveling.

So, around 11 am Sashi, Anna & me met one of Sashi's friends, Koichi.
He has been waiting for us at Ootsuka Station & we quickly headed to Ueno:

 The cherry blossoms were already in full bloom and started to drop

 It felt amazing to pass tons of cherry blossom trees again
[Right photo belongs to Sashi; I'm holding my bottle of water like promoting it haha]

 Well that women obviously didn't want to shower in cherry blossoms.

 Passing a huge whale and a sign on the asphalt telling me not to smoke while walking.
(I'm a nonsmoker btw)
 Our next stop was Asakusa and we decided to WALK instead of riding the train.
Passed quite some interesting spots

 dog bless you! (dog parlor)

Arriving in Asakusa:
 Aren't those placards beautiful?

I enjoy seeing things like this in Tokyo a lot:
 So typical.

 Got some yummy Takoyaki

 Annnd I finally received my fortune for 2013:
"It is good for you making a trip." Hoho.

Promised to show a map:
(click to enlarge)
Started in Ootsuka - took a train to Ueno.
Walking from Ueno to Asakusa.
All of the other spots follow soon so keep visiting my blog!

Upcoming posts:
♥ Edo Museum Tokyo
♥ Akihabara (#1)
♥ Tokyo City
♥ Shinjuku (#1)

"(#1)" means, that this won't be my only post about that part of Tokyo. Like, if you take a look at the title of this post: it say's "#1" also. Reason? This won't be my only post about 03/29! ♥

Question of the day:
What do you prefer while being abroad?
- walking
- riding train/bus
 Do you have any reasons for your choice?

I actually enjoy both. I love riding trains because it's convenient and you see lots of interesting people. Also I'm a fan of busy places..and trains are busy haha.
But I do enjoy walking a lot as well! While walking you can explore lots of places you would never see while riding a train (or bus).

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