03/28 Rockin' Shibuya!

Aaaand back in Shibuya we are!!

Right after the job interview I went to Shibuya to meet up with Anna & Sashi (next to Hachiko hoho)
Our main focus that day has been 109 MEN'S. Anna and me are into Japanese Men's Fashion, enjoying magazines like Men's Knuckle etc. And to be honest most of their stuff (especially tops & jewelry) is pretty unisex anyway...
Of course I didn't want to stroll through Shibuya wearing my Job-Interview-Clothes, so I changed right before I met my friends. Unfortunately I forgot one item: a cardigan (I've planned to wear a sleeveless dress). Sooo as I didn't want to walk around with naked arms I first covered them with the blazer I've been wearing for the interview. God, Tokyo was so hot that day...! 
Luckily my friends were patient enough to look for a cheap cardigan with me

Finally, after buying a cheap cardigan at F21, we headed to 109 MEN'S!

...oh, and WC Shibuya before that xDDD
(couldn't find anything worth buying though)

And a Domo Bus in front of the department store!!

109 MEN'S entry
(we weren't the only girls shopping there btw)

Well, compared to the famous 109 (the one mainly for girls right across the street) 109 MEN'S is not crowded at all. 
Pro: you can browse each store without being pushed around or being in a haste
Con: people stare at you. I mean really, they stare. Especially the staff guys of course.

So, all of you that have already been to Japan/Tokyo may know, that you, being a foreigner, pop out. Usually they just keep staring, some really brave guys even start talking to you.
For 109 MEN'S staff, working for brands that are aiming on more western styles, foreign girls are a reason to unwrap their english skills. Even if you just pass their store. Some of them will shout after you. I felt like being on a market (because they reminded me of market criers).

At Wild Party there was a really pushy guy (fortunately in a good way). At first we didn't want to go in because that floor was really empty and we just wanted to be on the next floor asap. Though that one staff guy kept shouting pretty funny English things. As he made us laugh we decided to give him a chance and show us what Wild Party has to offer. He quickly introduced hisself, his name is Toshi, and then focused on his main victim: Anna
As soon as his English became worse he kept looking into my direction, using the opportunity of me being able to speak some Japanese.
I don't have to mention that all of the staff guys around us were pretty amused, do I?
Especially because Toshi kept asking Anna for a kiss (on the cheek) and she rejected him right away.

For being our entertainer and a pretty good seller he did receive a little kiss on his cheek from Anna though (in the end).
( Anna was wearing platform shoes and therefore was about 176cm that day. Toshi is super tall!)
I might never forget this hilarious moment.

After 109 MEN'S we were strolling through another department store close by (I forgot the name...sorry).
And in the end, these were our shopping bags:


These were mine:
(I've already been showing the goods inside in another post: [Shibuya GETS])

Having barely eaten all day long we decided to try one of the food places close to our apartment in Otsuka:
Turned out to be my favorite place

The night has been pretty chill and the moon was looking very pretty
(and we also got some dessert at a convenience store)

The 3 of us

...and me falling asleep on top of all my stuff haha.

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