3/28 It's getting serious...

This might be a rather serious post. So, be warned everyone xD

Actually it's part of my study to obtain an internship in a foreign country (3~6 months).
My goals were either America, England or Japan.
Japan was like..mh..more like a Dream-Goal. But I gave it a try and sent out some applications to Japan.
2 companies invited me to a job interview (because I told them I would be in Tokyo March/April).
One of those companies didn't offer a traineeship during the time I would have to complete it, so I only went to 1 interview.

It's at the Center of German Culture in Tokyo.
I've been extremely nervous...tried to take a picture of my "Job Interview-Look" but no...I could barely hold my phone.

I didn't know how long it'll take me to find the center but it's suprisingly easy haha..
So, being there way early I was strolling around, trying to calm down while taking photos of everything around me.

There's a small park right across the street:
Good place for relaxing...

Especially with 10000 cherry blossoms everwhere...

Cherry Blossoms in front of the Center:

The interview had been a little strange...and I didn't know whether I did a good or bad job at all.
But..I received an email a few weeks ago. They offer me a traineeship.
Guess I'll be in Tokyo again soon. Holy shit.

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