3/27 - Sky Tree City & Welcome Party

No GETS post this time I need to catch up with my trip posts!!
(unless you guys say you do prefer the gets...;;)

So, on 3/27 we were staying at our apartment until noon.
I had a pretty bad jetlag and was barely sleeping since I left Germany.
I mean, we didn't stay longer at the apartment to sleep...it was more like..mh...relaxing. Taking a long shower, having breakfast...dressing up..without any haste. Easy stuff like that can be really good once in a while

So, next to our apartment there was an optician. One of our friends, Maxi, loves Oguri Shun. So we had to take a picture for her of him promoting glasses:

Our schedule for the day was:
meeting up with Jasmin at Sky Tree
Welcome Party in Shibuya
As both dates took place in the evening we decided to check out Sky Tree City!
The weather has been really gloomy...you may be able to tell from looking at my picture of the Sky Tree

One of the interesting shops in Sky Tree City:
Jump Shop

Wohoo! I'm as tall as Luffy!!

Cute kid posing with a little Sky Tree in front of the ridiculous Rilakkuma Store.

After meeting up with Jasmin we headed to Shibuya:

Some foodporn:

We were celebrating with around 45 people
There was a guy sitting close to me who's been a fan of Kiyoharu!! Guess the topic we were talking about :3

yes, it's a fried leaf. I had to try it.

After filling our stomaches and getting to know lots of people we were looking forward to lay down, check the stuff we bought that day and fall asleep.

After seeing some of the ONE PIECE x UNIQLO shirts in the net I was really happy to see they are still selling them!!!

I got these two:
Soulking Brook

And Chopper

Purikura of the Day:

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