03/26 Harajuku #1

Holy shit I didn't post in a while...sorry guys.
Lots of stuff going on recently.
But here we go with my first post about Harajuku '13
You may know it already but it's kind of my favorite area of Tokyo (besides Ikebukuro haha).

On 03/26 we've already been to Ueno (see previous posts) for a few hours and had lunch together with one of my friends, but as we couldn't wait for exploring Harajuku we decided to go there in the evening

Even though it was a really short visit we definitely enjoyed it

 Heading down the famous Takeshita Dori we ended up strolling through Laforet
(it was actually my first time...the last time I've been to Tokyo I only went in to look at Justin Davis jewelry...)

Down in the basement you can find shops like Super Lovers, Algonquins, monomania, Like an Edison and a lot more...basically all I can wish for.

Drawings and signs of Girugamesh & MUCC

Well, unfortunately it was my first time physically going to the monomania store.
You know I love that shop...wearing their clothes/accessories pretty often, reading their blog regularly, posting about them in my fashion inspiration posts etc...
So...it was a kind of shock to see monomania (+ favorite staff) shining right into my face as soon as the doors of the elevator opened. I was looking like shit that day and yes, I've been way too nervous.

 Nonetheless I was able to buy 1 item
(yes, only one. stupid me.)

 Ramu, one of my favorite monomania staff girls, was talking to me at the cashier and I received a stamp card I told her that I'm reading their blog and that I'm a fan of their brand. She was really happy to hear that.

This is what I got:

Blue Mohawk Yodare Bear Pullover
(front & back)

Of course monomania wasn't the only store I spent money at
I also couldn't resist MINT NEKO ♥♥♥♥:

Black MINT NEKO Tail
Detail Shot

Blue/Gray MINT NEKO Tank
(long & comfy)

And last but not least:

White/Black MINT NEKO Strap Pullover _________
(so many lovely details ♥♥♥)


Purikura of the Day

 I am kind of looking like a monkey 

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