Random Tokyo GETS #3 ♥ (MINT Neko, Ghibli etc..)

Sooo this is a little later than I planned but here we go with my Tokyo GETS #3 !

 Bought this little blonde mascot figure because it looks like Yukke (MUCC)
aaand I couldn't resist buying a Train Bath Ball!!! (there's a little toy inside of the ball hoho)

 Got this MINT NEKO bandana at Closet Child (so it's second hand)
And dumb me should have showed a picture of the full thing...not being folded...sorry
 Glossy Pixy Shampoo & Treatment Sample 
& Chopper Stickers (ONE PIECE)

 Utahiroba Jun (Golden Bomber) buttons

 Alice in Wonderland Chopstick box (it's for kids but I don't care)

 Alice in Wonderland Hair accessory I got at one of the Disney Stores in Tokyo

 Another Bath Ball with a Toy inside (ice cream toy haha..)
& a medium sized Jiji doll ♥♥♥
Always wanted to buy one of these dolls but at German conventions they are reaaaalllyy expensive! Also on ebay I've always been afraid of buying a fake one...the one I bought in Japan at least is a Ghibli Original (and it wasn't that expensive! Next time I'll buy an even bigger one hoho...)

Some important things:

My American friend Ande is currently visiting me, so I'm not posting regularly this week (and the next probably)

There's an Anime Convention this weekend; I'll work at the Maid Café

I'm starting a new job on Monday!

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