03/31 - Harajuku Fashion Walk ♥

After arriving home around 6 am we quickly went to sleep to wake up again around 4 hours later - 10 am.
Harajuku Fashion Walk

Everyone was gathering in front of the Harajuku Station Main Exit just to start spreading love for Harajuku Fashion at 2 pm.
So yeah, the main reason for this (free) event is to show love for Harajuku Fashion and let everyone know by dressing up and walking through Harajuku. Being around 50 people (at least) it's no wonder EVERYONE IN HARAJUKU was taking pictures of us.
I've been one of them:

Let's start with a really cute rainbow group
& my frieds - Anna and Sashi

...you'll notice that I took lots of photos of shoes:
But hey, it was hard not to look at them.

Junnyan's shoes (Junnyan is a pretty famous Harajuku "Idol"; owner of Harajuku Kids and organizer of Harajuku Fashion Walk)

Disney sneakers!

Super Lovers Jacket & cute bags

More cute bags

Something I like about this event: 
Foreigners are welcome!

Looking back to where we just started: Harajuku Station

Walking our way through the Harajuku crowd

On our way I finally found the DOG Boutique!!

Couldn't go in though ;; next time...!

Some shots of the walking Harajuku Lovers:

More bags!

Photographer of Japanesestreets

...and more bags xD

A boutquie for real dogs (haha)

Junnyan dancing~

Random shots at our first stop:

 Anna, Sashi & Junnyan

 Anna and me~

Junnyan & nervous me (<___<")

Another rather familiar face: Kyouka (including his bag)

Fashion shots for Japanesestreets
(I love how even the guy in the background (smoking & drinking) is pretty stylish)

Some more shoes:


One of my favorite shots

Group photo at the famous Harajuku bridge (and 1034274357 people taking photos)

Unfortunately we had to leave the group right after taking the group photo....;;
But oh well, I'm pretty sure there'll be a next time

Food of the day:

Purikura of the Day:

 Why I've been looking like boring shit? I don't know..

There's a video about this walk as well:


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