04/05 - Harajuku in the morning, dirty Akiba & Shinjuku by night

And it's raining the whole day long...sucks.
Especially because I want to go running...ugh.

Well, only a few Tokyo Posts left!
After spending the night with a prince (this sounds hilarious) I got to sleep around 3 hours and dressed up to head to Harajuku (again)

It was a really sunny day and for fun reasons I'd like to include the exact times of the photos in this post.

15:00 - after browsing through Takeshita Dori we quickly headed to Cat Street & co

15:50 - Lunch Curry Rice is so delicious...!

16:48 - my energy source of the day: Red Bull!
16:50 - Arriving in Akihabara

Found rather typical Akiba promotion Girls right at the station

Another promotion girl - this time a maid

...promotion display things with touchable boobs
(Oh Japan...)

17:46 - thought it was funny to use an Anime elevator where the girl is close to showing her panties (inside of the store Animate btw)

Also had to check out this Café:
18:36 - Utahiroba Jun (Golden Bomber) officialy opened a kind of "Ikemen Café" where good looking guys serve you everything around fruits (like shakes etc).
Due to the great success it wasn't possible to go in for the first 8 weeks without reservation though.
The name of the Café is Autumn Leaf btw.
18:51 - these kind of stores are the best in Akihabara also look at the couple's shoes!

18:45 - watching crowded trains passing by~

After Akihabara we quickly went to Shinjuku to meet another friend of mine: Kota

20:16 - Izakaya Time!
Friend of Kota introduced us to Calpis Sour! Yum stuff!

22:37 ~ 23:27 - fun time in Kabukicho

Oh all those advertisings...something you really miss when leaving Tokyo.
And I'm totally going to eat at the Robot Restaurant someday!!!!

Also found a German Beer Hall...interesting. Should go in and start talking German only.

23:54 - taking a photo in the crowded train rocks

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