Tokyo - the place to satisfy my love for Music

...or should I say - my love for Kiyoharu?

When being in Tokyo - or Japan in general - something I'll always buy is:

CDs and DVDs!

You know I'm mostly listening to Japanese music so yeah, it's the easiest to get their stuff directly in Japan. Saving shipping costs and lots of money in general.

Got all of the following things 2nd hand at Closet Child & BOOK OFF

SADS - Gothic Circus DVD
 Magazine I got for free at Takedanobaba AREA

 Another Magazine I got at AREA

 Kuroyume - 1994 - 1998 BEST OR WORST CD
Omg I seriously love this one...

 Kiyoharu - MELLOW CD

 Kuroyume - feminism CD

I own 12 Albums of Kiyoharu / SADS / Kuroyome. But I still miss a lot!
So yeah, definitely going to buy more next time being in Japan :3 (or if I'm lucky and find some affordable ones on the internet)

Are there any artists you're crazy for?
It's like I collect everything of that guy and his bands. 
I can listen to his music 24/7 and I already do it for quite a few years. Can't even tell you whether I prefer him solo, with SADS or Kuroyume...all of his projects have their own style and mh yes, I love all of them. And you know what..I never saw him live. It's definitely one of my life goals to see him playing his guitar and singing, live. One day it'll become true...

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