04/04 #2 - Let's call it a date

Ah, there are only a few photos of Japan left!
I really hope you still enjoy them

I already posted about 04/04 yesterday...but having Shabu Shabu with Sayaka, going to a 50's style Izakaya and Karaoke with Takashi wasn't enough!
I took a photo with a guy dressed like a prince. And well yeah, we exchanged email adresses.
Time to meet again before I'm leaving Japan!

It was about 20:50 when we entered Decadance Bar for the 2nd time

It was nice to see the bar on a "normal" day. Dark Dimension has been a big event and so it was kinda different.

Oh I love this one Decadance Bar Sign and Porco serving drinks

Photo of Prince-guy and me when Anna and Sashi were still with us.
Fun part of our conversation during that time:
Prince-guy: Do you know Visual Kei?
Me: ...yes
Prince-guy: Ah! I'm actually in a Visual Kei Band. I'm a Vocalist.

Explained his love for prince-ish costumes.

Around 23:00 the two of us went to an Izakaya he's partially working at.

People there call him Ouji-sama, which means Prince. Another reason for him to dress up like that.
They served me their main dishes : Chicken & Shochu (Alcohol)
The chicken was super delicious!! (and the waitress upper cute )
Though that alcoholic stuff...was a little too strong for me. Nice barkeeper-guy mixed it with some water for me

This is what the bar looked like

And this was stuff I had to try.
The one in the middle is a glass of water btw.
I didn't want to get drunk and so I passed the glasses (excluding the water) like they are on this picture over to the Prince.
That guy drunk like 10 russian guys and was still not drunk, respect.

Barkeeper told me he loves Nena, a German singer when he heard that I knew about her he was playing one of her songs haha a little embarrassing, but super cute!
It was also funny to see Prince-guy had a whole album full of photos of hisself on his phone. He told me he's a little narcissistic - well yes he is haha.

Luckily we had the same fav bands and anime songs and so - hoho - I had the occassion to hear someone who's used to sing on stage sing loooots of amazing songs for me! Picture above shows Kiyoharu
Totally had to take another photo of myself btw...did this exactly at 4:16 in the morning. We had to wait for the first train and were super tired~ so glad Karaoke bars are open the whole night long...this one was pretty cheap also.

When we went to the Station I saw lots of Hosts and Hostesses. No wonder when walking through Kabukicho (amusement area) around 5 am, right? Most of them were finally free and headed home.

After catching the first train I finally arrived at Ootsuka (were our apartment was) at 5:15. Good morning!
(ignored the fact that I had to get up again in less then 4 hours haha)

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