04/04 #1 - Shabu Shabu in Ueno, 50's style Izakaya in Shinjuku & Karaoke!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Weekend is ahead what are your plans?
I might help out a friend at a flea market on Saturday probably going to sell a few tiny things too...we will see, not sure yet.

So, you know I met a lot of friends in Japan.
When I went to Japan in 2010, I got to know one of my first penpals, Sayaka.
Totally had to meet her again   this time we went to have Shabu Shabu in Ueno!!
It was my (our - Anna and Sashi came along as well ) first time to eat Shabu Shabu!!

Met her around 12:30 at Ueno Station got to wear one of Anna's dresses - wish it would be mine
I took this picture of myself on our balcony btw...10th floor, brave me!! (I'm scared of heights)

Well, let's not talk about myself. Let's talk about FOOD

First time D: and as you can see I am still alive...so I guess that restaurant was a good one
(it looked very fancy btw)

Sauce to dip
(the dark one ended all over my lap btw)



More vegetables - already taking a hot bath

And last but not least: Green Tea Ice Cream ♥♥

Shabu Shabu was one of the most amazing dinners I ever had!!! 
Totally going to eat that again!!!
It's so simple..yet it's SO DELICIOUS!

On our way back to the station we noticed this restaurant...it had steaming Ramen & moving Chop Sticks playing with noodles in front! Very attracting! (and funny)

After Shabu Shabu we went back to our apartment - I forgot to bring my present for Sayaka!!
Luckily she was living right next to the area we were "living" in and so she came by to pick it up
Next time I'm going to see her she might have a little boy with her hoho...

So, after meeting my penpal Sayaka we went to Shinjuku around 17:00 to meet one of Sashi's friends, Takashi.
Met in front of ALTA and headed to a kind of 50's style Izakaya!

Lots of old promotion posters and inventory!!

It was kinda dark too...loved the atmosphere!

The service persons were shouting and acting a little silly  

Sashi sitting at our tiny table!

...and yeah, we had some more ice cream:
I ordered something that was called "Student's Ice Cream" - it basically was vanilla ice cream and baked sweet potatoe yum

Anna ordered "Oppai Ice Cream" (oppai = breast)
And yes...

..you're supposed to suck it.
No one but me did haha. More ice cream for me!!

After some drinks we went to sing:
Sashi's first Karaoke in Japan!

Our room was kinda trashy fancy...

Just look at the couch!
And Kyary!

Was surprised when Sashi's friend picked this song - Digimon Butter-Fly of course everyone was singing along!!

Have you ever been to Japanese-style Karaoke?

Oh btw!! Forgot to add some Purikura to my Harajuku post:

 The left one is hilarious. I was writing down a little sarcastic comment because no one is smiling.
Also the right one...what the f*ck. My face.

 Those two are my favorites

 ...no comment on these haha.

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