Harajuku GETS #2 ♥ (monomania, Stigmata...)

Aloha everyone

Yep, it's a get-post again!
Oh btw, let me ask you something in the beginning!!
Do you think it would make sense for my blog to have its own facebook page?
I'm currently considering it...but I'm quite not sure yet.

This will be one of my last GET posts from Tokyo btw only a few things left~

Planned to buy a bento box this time in Tokyo & got this stylish Mickey one at a 350 Yen store
Mainly got this to match my neon shoes neon cat brooch!
Those 6% DOKIDOKI buttons are a must if you're a Harajuku Fashion Lover

I was surprised when I saw Golden Bomber Goods at the idol shops in Harajuku!!
Of course I had to try my luck and hell yes I got my favorite - Utahiroba Jun (Front & Back)

It was surprisingly hard to find iPhone 4S cases...almost every shop was only selling iPhone 5 cases already (<___<)"
Also got this monomania catalogue for free when I bought something thank you
Rather typical Harajuku get supposed to be a choker but I might mainly wear it around my wrists
Another rather typical Harajuku get Dinosaur Bracelet!!
Totally wanted to buy a matching earring..but they were super expensive.
Super love this one so simple - yet cool (it's a brooch/button)

I'm wearing this bracelet almost every day and I regret not having bought more of these...!
They were available in like 6 colors and cheap!
Another monomania get Black/Silver Ring
Stigmata Armlet got this at Closet Child Harajuku (2nd Hand)
monomania Button ♥ 

And this cool cape was on sale

It might look like I bought a lot...but it's like 50% of it is 2nd hand, 30% was on sale & 20% were expensive haha.

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