Shinjuku GETS ♥ (MINT NEKO, Stigmata...)

Good evening
How has everyone's weekend been?
I met some good friends and my mom, went to the cinema (The Purge) and studied for an upcoming exam with two class mates (for the first time!)

As I've been talking about 0101 in my last post I'll now show you what I bought in Shinjuku:

MINT NEKO Layered Shirt in black
It's super comfy and you can almost wear it as a dress~!

MINT NEKO Earring & Necklace
And the other side of the necklace

Also went to Closet Child (2nd Hand):
Found this beauty!!!

Totally had to buy it
Algonquins Backpack in Silver (I added a little MINT NEKO charm)


It's a pity I can't wear this anymore...! Looking forward to cold days (♥___♥)/)
Actually I didn't want to buy shoes...because honestly...I already own a lot of shoes. But...I've been wearing my beloved Converse Sneakers that looked like trash in Tokyo...and it was raining..really heavy...
And well yeah...have you ever been walking around on rainy days while wearing sneakers with like 1000 holes in them? Not the best idea.
0101, a department store, has several floors...when we went up and enjoyed Baby the Stars shine bright with Sashi...my shoe sole completely broke.
Taking this as a sign I went down and bought new shoes...staff lady from the shoe store was really friendly and asked me if I'm alright when she saw my broken shoes, offered me slippers so than I can look for new shoes and socks...and wrapped my old shoes because I didn't want her to throw them away ;__; 
Got those book-wrapping things for free because of a 0101 event
Used them for vocabulary books

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