04/03 - 0101 & meeting my Girl Crush in Harajuku ♥

Good afternoon
Posting a little earlier today...~
Is everyone okay with me posting so many detailed posts about my vacation?
Looking at followers, views & comments makes me think it's totally fine

So, on April 3rd we went to Shinjuku to look for 0101 (マルイワン) I was totally looking forward to MINT NEKO, NUDE N' RUDE & KERA AREA!!!
Of course there are plenty other great shops as well, those are just my favorites
Let's have a look at the photos I took that day:

Nude n' Rude shop promotion (with Re:NO hoho )
& a kind of COORD shot!

That bathroom was really fancy...
Totally fell in love with the sink! Water, soap and blow dry-thing in ONE bowl!!
Also the toilets were super fancy. You could chose between a cheerful garden and..


Right in front of the bathroom there was a cool vending machine:
Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks & even Frozen Drinks

I chose a frozen Chai Latte
& I spotted Kame again!!

Another highlight at 0101: ZEAL LINK

After shopping we went to have lunch, still in Shinjuku:
Yes, this is for one person.
Incredible delicious..!

After lunch we decided to head to Harajuku, again Didn't see everything the area has to offer yet!!
Almost empty Takeshita Dori

Sun slowly going down
The first time we went to monomania I only saw her and didn't talk to her (because I'm stupid and a nervous girl when it comes to stuff like that) BUT THIS TIME I WAS TALKING TO HER HELL YES
I'm sorry for freaking out but you guys probably know I like this brand a lot and I follow their staff's twitter accounts and well yeah..they are kind of a style inspiration etc. Especially Tatsu...she's my absolute favorite. Probably one of the reasons is that she's as heavy in love with Tatsuro (MUCC) as I am. And she's hot. And cute. ANd super stylish. Yes, girl crush.
When I finally put myself together and started talking to her I even told her that she's my favorite staff girl and her reaction WAS WAY TOO CUTE she went "doki doki" and stuff like that and I was flipping out (only on the inside though haha~ yay for looking cool and not caring on the outside!!)

Harajuku in the evening shortly before every shop is closing~

Finally found HONEY'S DEAD!

Another shop I'm totally in love with...but I've been to shy to go in..of course...f*ck that...

Some more shots of Harajuku in the evening:

..and my nails haha

Tatsu & me
I'm looking like an idiot but I don't care as long as she's next to me hahaha (oh please don't take me too serious guys)

After Harajuku we went to Ikebukuro again Dinner time!

And Bee Bar time :
Played some Darts with Sashi

Fancy entry of the bar

Ikebukuro by night
& Tatsu's tweet またねたつ~

I'll end this fangirl post with a photo of the station

Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Oh, Question Time!

Do you have any shop staff persons who inspire you?

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