Ikebukuro GETS ♥ (Alpacas & other UFO Catcher goods hoho)

Good evening everyone

Summer has finally arrived!!
And I was wearing way too much clothing for university today haha...
Definitely trying to enjoy those 21°C tomorrow before it's rising to 30°C on Monday!
Yeah, 30°C are too much for me (<____<)"

Well, my last post has been about the Cat Café Nekorobi in Ikebukuro
Therefore I thought it's time to show you everything I bought in Ikebukuro:

I KAT-TUN Button
Because hell yes, I love KAT-TUN !
(bought a matching one for Anna :3)
Alpaca Eden
Lovely Girl Alpaca
2 pretty cool rings
(actually bought the left one at Closet Child Harajuku)

I know I've already showed this guy...but he had to be here a 2nd time

Black baggy pants with white dots they were super cheap!

Going to go run now bye bye!

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