04/02 - Cat Café Nekorobi ♥ ( & some food, haha)

Let me say something about this photo of myself: I'm looking tired because of my make up xD so yeah, it's intended~

Fortunately my skin was pretty good in Tokyo...it changes from time to time
Also I loved to just go to a convenience store to get some Matcha Latte! Not possible in Germany ;; (but they do sell Matcha Frappuccino since last week!!!)

I totally had to take a photo of this bracelet again...completely in love with both the bracelet AND my Jiji doll

Before meeting Conny to head to a Cat Café Sashi and me met one of my penpals to have lunch and chat
It was really nice seeing him again after we met in Germany last summer~

Back in 2010/2011, my first trip to Tokyo, we were already looking for this Cat Café...but we couldn't find it.
This time I was screaming when we accidentally passed it one night!!!!
I was SO looking forward to see their cats because I'm following their blog/twitter for years!!!

So Conny, Anna, Sashi & me went to:


I was so excited when I had to change shoes and pay to see my dears
Haruki was first, chilling right on top of the cashier.
He's huge. And super beautiful.
Same to Purin & Mocchi who were cuddling when we first arrived

Fat (and cute) Anko was sleeping~

I took the chance to take a picture with their mascot! I would totally buy this, haha~
Extremely cute Aisha was sleeping as well...covered, of course.

Beautiful Kinako was cuddling with a camera

And then I spotted my dear love, the main reason for me to go visit the Café:

He's the black one, right behind Doraemon.

Those drawings (stickers) of the cats are hilarious.

Aisha woke up...those cheeks...
And my husband woke up as well ever seen a more cute couple shot?

Enjoy his cuteness.



Eh? Food? Then Kiyomori can't be far!!!
Anko's back is beautiful (fat) as well.

Conny tried to eat Kuririn's tail

While Anko was cleaning herself after lunch

Anna put some mascot dolls on me
& Kuririn next to me was being shy

...yep, Anna didn't only put those dolls on top of me.

I left a message in their guest book
(drinks, internet, wii & snacks are for free btw)

Mocchi being beautiful

Kuririn ♥ 
(Anko run in front of my camera, thanks)

Haruki & Birt sleeping again

After cuteness overload we said bye to Conny (so early ;;) and went to have dinner:

We found a super cool Izakaya in Ikebukuro it's cheap and theres an English menu
Also we got that huge Edamame plate for free!


Cat Café Nekorobi GETS:

Postcard Set

 Nekorobi Mascot Mobile Strap

Purikura of the Day:

Anna, Sashi, Conny & Me


Have you ever been to a Cat Café?
Yes: Did you like it?
No: Would you consider visiting one?

I definitely enjoyed my first Cat Café, Nekorobi
It's a place to relax, cuddle & take photos.

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