Mutsessions: 04/01 MEJIBRAY @ Takadanobaba Area

Good evening dear readers
How's everyone doing?
The weather in Germany finally changed it'll be sunny almost the whole week!!
(even though today it was pretty stormy...)
After super rainy/cold weeks/months this is a very welcomed change
Speaking about nice weather:

Back in Tokyo the weather was mostly amazing as well, even though it was April
After hanging up my laundry (to let it dry) I noticed that without clouds you can see the Skytree from our balcony oh how I already miss this view~

After partying the whole weekend long we decided to take it slower on April 1
I can't remember what we did in the morning...but we met Anna's and my boss (musicJAPANplus) around 17:30
The reason for meeting was:
A concert of course before I came to Tokyo he asked me whether I'd like to cover some concerts (write live reports etc) during my trip and so we ended up seeing Mejibray
Unfortunately it was a little crowded though...the hall was too small for a press corner and therefore we could barely see anything. In the end our boss told us that it's impossible to write a report today and that we shall just enjoy the gig. And so we did

Can you see the small "Area" sign? That' the live hall; Takadanobaba Area
Mejibray were first
I already knew 99% of their songs and I quite like them, so I was looking forward to see them a lot.
Fortunately I'm tall, so even while standing in the last row I've been able to see part of their show.
Mejibray are quite theatrical...especiall vocal Tsuzuku and drum Meto.
They were playing around 6 songs (yeah, pretty short...but they were like an opening act only). I surprisingly felt like Mejibray currently have more fans in Germany/Europe than they do in Japan! Most of the fans that evening were there for Diaura!
Well, that said I really hope Mejibray are going to play overseas soon. Right now it would be the perfect timing. (Same to Golden Bomber btw)
We were talking to our boss about it (yep, MJP organize tours as well) and even though he didn't like Mejibray that much (haha) we'll see what happens next.

I took this photo after the live, right across the street.
Also spotted Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) promoting suits

At night we went to my favorite restaurant again oh how I would love a place like that in Germany

Mejibray GOODS :

Mia Cheki
Tsuzuku Cheki
Meto Cheki
Koichi Cheki

& a towel

I really hope I'll be able to see one of their oneman live's someday

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