Anime Convention - Connichi 2013 ♥ Saturday

Long time no see!

Due to work, a completely rotten computer & several other circumstances I wasn't able to publish any posts...I'm sorry.
Even this post took me about 3 days (=____=)
I'll try to publish regularly again ASAP

So, let's talk about my favorite convention


I started visiting this Anime event 2004, so 9 years ago. Since then, I never missed one single Connichi. Even though it takes place in Kassel, which is around 5 hours away.
It's a great place to meet lots of friends, buy Anime goods, watch interesting shows, drool at Cosplays etc etc.
Also, it's a nice place to forget about all your "real life worries" for 3 days. This is the main reason for my "after-con depressions" haha.

Well so it was time to pack my bag Thursday night!
I couldn't afford a Cosplay this time, so I just dressed up a little:

This is what my luggage for 3 days was looking like.
Yes, living a rainbow life!

I didn't take any photos on Friday/the 1st Convention day because we were arriving in Kassel around 20:45...everything we did was getting something to eat and check in at the hotel!

Speaking about the hotel...our room was super fancy.
When I was looking out of the window on Saturday morning this is what I saw!
It's a nice view, isn't it?
Though the weather sucked so bad...

Took this "I just came out of bed"-shot for comparison haha~
Right pic shows what I was looking like after shower~

Yay mirror!
Nothing too spectacular - but super comfy
I was wearing:
Tutuha Devil Horns
4 different kinds of fake lashes haha
Monomania Spike Necklace
H&M Maxi Dress
H&M Cardigan
Monki Leggings
Converse Shoes
Several bracelets found in Harajuku
Xfrm Bracelet 
100 Yen-Shop Arm Warmers
...so yup, pretty cheap too haha

Also took two shots with Sashi
One is slightly overlighted haha...that's why I'm laughing

Arriving at the Con I noticed a ton of Shingeki no Kyojin Cosplays!!!
Of course I tried taking photos of everything I liked enjoy:

Right: Jenny ♥♥♥ I was really happy to meet her again
Her Cosplay looks really cute, right?

Right pic shows Tina one of the most pretty Ciel Cosplays I've ever seen

Really hot Levi Cosplay...
She pulled it off so well, right?!
Just look at her "fuck off and leave me alone"- face

Also went to see a few show acts:

Takayoshi Tanimoto
(Digimon Tamers, Dragon Ball Kai etc)

Shuhei Kita
(Cat's Eye, Bakuman, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Persona Trinity Soul etc)
It was really great to hear the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Opening live!!!

Mugi, Azunyan, Anna & me

Yui, Ritsu, Mio, Anna & me

Tina & I
She's one of my very loyal readers and I met her for the first time. She's incredible pretty and I really hope I can spend more time with her someday

2nd shot with Tina
(I'll insert her blog link as soon as my internet connection allows)

Oh and I also visited a panel for the first time!!

This is GuiltPleasure, some BL Lovers might know them!
TogaQ is also well known for DC/Marvel Comic Cover Art, her pen name is Jo Chen.

The main reason for the con to invite her was her recent release "In these Words" - a fantastic and unique BL Manga I totally enjoyed their panel! Both TogaQ and Kichiku Neko were super nice and funny

And of course I also met my beloved princess Senja didn't see her in almost 1 year!!
Ah...why are so many of my friends living so far away?!

To end the day we went to see Nagareda Project
It's a rockish Anime Cover Band!
And hell yes, I loved their show
Especially when they put on Shingeki no Kyojin Jackets and played the 1st opening!!!!

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