Fashion Inspiration September #1 ♥

While most of my past fashion inspi posts were packed with monomania this one is 99% ZIG UR IDOL and other brands sold at TEKNOPOLICE/METROPOLICE
Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do!!!

Let's start with monomania

Besides loving the complete photo in general I fell in love with the top!! 
It looks so comfy yet stylish as hell!!!
Though I bet it's hard to pull off..


This jacket was sold during their last sale...and I know it's completely gone by now ;;

 Their staff dresses up really cool...I would look like an idiot if I wore that haha
Those melted tights were a pretty good idea as well!
 (oh if I only had thin legs..!!)

Some more tights/leggings:

 Keith Haring pattern by Patricia Field ♥


 Staff look & overall party

 ...I need to become a millionaire. Right now.

What do you guys think about overalls?

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