Moving to the Village #1

Good Sunday Afternoon!
(or whatever time it is in your country)

On October 19 I had to grab my stuff and get my ass to the east side of Germany. Reason: University.
It's actually a kind of partnership between my University in Mannheim and the one in the east. All of the 5th semester students have to pass 4 exams within 4 weeks. Let's get the party started!

Due to Mittweida,the village we had to move to, being quite far away we splitted up in groups and went there by car.
1 Car - 4 Girls. 100000 bags.
Resulted in a super packed car...but it was quite fun (driving back home with even more stuff is going to be amazing)

I've rented a shared apartment with 2 other girls of my class. This is my room quite cozy~
The inside of the University looks the usual, but...lemme tell you...

...this is the most boring city I've ever been to.
I'll try to show you the good parts though:

Room mates!
(Yep, totally the same kind of people. Not.)

Student's club~

Haha yeah it was a kind of single party...including numbers to send your love messages without knowing their names. (I received 1, hoho)

That white door. This is everything I see when lying down in bed. Depressing.
But! Running is quite cool over here!

Let's also have a look at our apartment:

It's enormous!!!!

Breakfast time
(Yogurt, Amaranth, Rasberry, Coconut Flakes (roasted) ♥)

And enjoying cake & some sparkling wine with the room mates

...I can't wait to be back home again. 9 days left
(can't believe that I'm here for 22 days already...)

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