Pre-Halloween Party ♥

Thanks to Suttyny celebrating her Birthday Halloween-like I had the chance to enjoy a Pre-Halloween Party with my dear friends at home

Actually Suttyny, Maxi & I started to prepare everything 2 days before the actual party. Part of the preparations:
Pumpkins ! Mine's the one in the middle, tried to make it look like Jack Skellington (^O^)/)

Maxi and I also decided to make her Birthday Cake look like this!
Happy Birthween Suttyny

Suttyny and I
(bloody mirror ftw!)
Dressing up spooky was a must!

In front of the door




More decoration

And my dear Jack-Pumpkin right in the living room

What do you think about Pre-Halloween Halloween Partys?
Have you ever been to one?
Personally, I'd love to celebrate my Birthday like that!

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