Selfies, Food & Friends ♥

Good evening dear followers and those that just came across my blog
How's everyone doing?

This village I am currently living in is depressing....seriously.
Let's have a look at some photos I took when I was still around friends and SOCIETY IN GENERAL

Suttyny invited me to dinner YUM

Something like a coord (layers ftw!)
& some Nail Stickers I bought (super cheap)

Oh! Back in the beginning of October I also went to Düsseldorf with Sashi

Aren't those rings amazing? I totally want one for myself!! (I'm wearing my friend's pieces) (they are from kagemaru designs btw)
BUT! That cheap skull piercing is mine haha

Asian food when I was out with Anna & Anna (haha) :

I'll forever love Edamame

Tried to take some non-makeup photos because I only shot heavy makeup ones recently

Shortly before I had to leave I met several friends I haven't seen in a long time
Kiki had this cake and....cream.on an extra plate.

Me, Kiki, Sashi

Spike, Sashi, Spike's girlfriend

And some more selfies hahaha....

I only recently ordered this lilac wig totally love it...makes me look so different, right?!

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