The city of great architecture and funny street perfomers - Prague!

Good evening everyone

Ah I'm having massive problems with my laptop, computer AND DSLR!! WTF ;; so unlucky recently...
So please forgive me for iPhone-only shots
Hope you enjoy them though because today I'd like to share some Prague photos with you been there for a couple of hours only, but I enjoyed it a lot!

 Actually the first thing we did was looking for a toilet - haha
And this is what we found....super trashy omg. Hilarious.

 Luckily the outside didn't look as trashy anymore

 Can you spot the blue & pink buildings in the back?

 Super old train!

 My mates were a little intolerant and didn't bother to try czech cuisine so we ended up having italian~

 The place was looking nice though!

 I had "homemade" ginger lemonade
...and some Starbucks later haha interesting way of writing my name...

 This was my main course at the italian restaurant! Yum!

Totally wanted to go in...! It was a bar!

Perfect Autumn feeling

 Prague offers loooots of marionette shops!

 And we got to know two very amusing street performers
The one on the right complimented my hair, woohoo!


 Found some alternative places too
Couldn't stick my nose into the bar yet again~

 Oh and I've also never been at a place that is selling so much alcohol...

Lazy OOTD!
Top - SexPot Revenge
Skirt - H&M
Leggings - BOY LONDON
Shoes - Converse
Bag - WOW + MEOW

And my Prague GET
Bought that rat ear pierce in a shop that is selling handmade stuff by Prague's design students

Have you been to Prague before?

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