Pierced ♥

Hello everyone

Long time no see haha
Life's busy and there are only 15 days left until I leave Germany for a while!!!!
I hope you guys are looking forward to read about my 6 upcoming months in Japan

Let's have look at a few things I recently did:

 Maxi edited a photo of us Sushi ftw~
Also took this photo of myself in one of the last days in Mittweida~ (club toilet haha)

 This is the girl I'm going to Tokyo with btw~
Laura, my uni mate
(yeah my mood was the worst that day - they tried to cheer me up)

 Recent gets:
Rock and READ Vol 50 (Kiyoharu ♥♥♥)
& a MINT NEKO Backpack Book

 LINE Camera added a Beauty Mode and I played around haha~

 And the most important thing: I got pierced
While I was waiting for my appointment I had to fill out a tiny form and browsed through some tattoo books the unicorn one is really cute, isn't it?

And here you go: Tongue Piercing yay

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