Food, Pets & Friends - Christmas 2013 ♥

Good afternoon everyone

I hope all of you spent a nice Christmas Eve!!

This year I actually had a pre-christmas party at my friends place:

 We had Raclette
(pic of myself shows my Christmas Eve look actually)

 Huge Tree and a ton of gifts at my friend's place
Totally going to show you what I received in another post...

 This year I also prepared Christmas Cards...they look like a child made them, but I spent hours creating them haha...

 Friend's dog Nala in front of the Christmas Tree

 Suttyny also shot some photos of me chilling with Nala~

Then on Dec 24 I went to my mom's place, where we traditionally enjoy christmas dinner together

 Totally had to piss off my cats too hoho

 Our Christmas Tree, decorated by me

And dinner of the year:
 Carrot-Ginger-Sweet Potatoe Soup & Shrimps

 Corn Salad & Salmon Rolls

 Beef, Red Wine Sauce, Beans, Bacon & black/violet Potatos 

 Selfmade Gingerbread-Marzipan Sorbet & hot Raspberries 

My mom is the best, haha

And last but not least:

Neighbours super cute dog "Zorro" visited us


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