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So my 5 1/2 month-stay in Tokyo just started 8 days ago and herewith I'd like to sum up what I did so far:

 It's my roommate's first stay in Japan and therefore we had to head to quite a few places during the first week.
Shibuya was a top priority for her and I couldn't resist taking a photo of my favorite GLAD NEWS staff
Photo on the right shows my luggage btw haha...not looking forward to get this (and probably more) back to Germany.

 Due to Japanese apartments being cold as fuck I had to get a warmer top for the nights...it reminds me of Monsters, Inc. hoho
Also had some Crepés! Yum!

 Ah lemme warn you...it might be that my blog is going to be more personal during my stay. There are just some things I might have to talk about.
Like last weekend I went to Shinjuku and met 2 persons I wasn't supposed to meet at all within 2 hours. How is this even possible? Tokyo is like a village, seriously. One of them run into me on an escalator, the other one was placed f*cking next to me in a bar. Wth. I'm such a lucky person, right?
Photo o the right shows myself at work.

 Speaking about work; this is the area I'm working in!
Aaand photo on the right shows a Maid Café dessert

 One of the Maids came and placed these ears on top of my head! Nice surprise haha~
Of course Purikura were done as well! That booth is my favorite so far~

 This pic is hilarious; it's my roommate (Laura) btw.

 I guess most of you know about this Anime: Free!
Let me tell you...you seriously can't go anywhere without seeing Free! advertisements/goods/whatever.
Weak me couldn't resist buying a shit ton of goods. Pic doesn't show all of them. It's my 1st Anime pillow!! (it's a tiny one though)

One thing that I like about Japan/Tokyo is that you can wear wigs every day. Laura bought a really cool one at Prisila:
 Totally had to try it hoho
What do you think about a short blonde bob cut?
I know these pics would look better if I was wearing makeup though...

 This is the wig I ordered back in Germany. It's a cheap one, but it doesn't look cheap at all
Went to a shop opening party at Laforet looking like this actually.

GASHO opened it's doors in Harajuku and I was part of the event will tell/show more next time - so stay tuned!

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