Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all?

I already mentioned that I don't spend my nights like I tend to spend my days, right?

So back in January I went to GASHO's Shop Opening (blogged about it here) and received a flyer for SODOM x FISH @ TRUMPROOM
I've heard about TRUMPROOM before and so I was eager to go.
Unfortunately I had to go by myself and I thought I was going to die but in the end, I made incomparable acquaintanceships.

 Back then I was also still motivated enough to do proper nails and makeup.
Took some quick shots when I was heading to the Club in Shibuya.

 TRUMPROOM is completely covered in mirrors and chandeliers, that's why I chose the title of this post. (and also because there are amazingly pretty people at this club)

 Just look at that interior...!!!!
Later that night a guy I got to know took me to a kind of rock bar (see pic on the right).

Bar Owner & Keeper are both very friendly.

 And as my new friend knew them pretty well I was forced to sing Kuroyume with Ownersan haha
Took the 1st train in the morning and enjoyed stretching my legs in an almost empy train.

...I was going to post about my 2nd night @ TRUMPROOM as well but I guess I'll do that in a separate post! Hoho!

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